TalentLMS Customer Stories

See how our customers use TalentLMS to transform their training

“How Roland upskills a global sales team in a hybrid work environment”

“How Deliveroo made training a natural part of the job using TalentLMS”

“How Formlabs turned unstructured training into a world-class partner education program”

“Isuzu sales went up after rolling out training to 1,500+ with TalentLMS ”

“How Conway Corp built a company-wide learning environment with TalentLMS”

“How Cash Converters increased their course completion rate by 15% with TalentLibrary™”

“How Abstracta closes skills gaps using TalentLMS”

“How TalentLMS kept up with EVBox’s exponential growth”

“Yates Insurance Agency all but eliminated last-minute client training”

“The whole process of putting things into TalentLMS is delightfully easy”

“By moving to TalentLMS, we were able to record all of our training in one location”

“I don’t think I found another platform that offered everything that TalentLMS offered.”

“Between allowing video, audio and presentations, TalentLMS keeps our courses engaging”

“You don’t need to be a computer expert to be able to run the LMS effectively.”

“TalentLMS had the functionality we needed, but it was also the biggest winner on cost”

“TalentLMS has proven so simple to navigate and has enabled us to overhaul our training mechanisms”

“TalentLMS proved instrumental in delivering a complete learning experience”

“TalentLMS has allowed us to organize training while measuring effectiveness through testing”

“We can now invest our resources in developing a delightful learning experience”

“The support we now receive is second-to-none and our tickets are answered in minimal time!”

“TalentLMS saved us valuable time, minimized our waste due to last minute changes and spared us the headache of delivering the task overdue.”

“TalentLMS has been very easy to administer with minimal effort”

“We had the challenge of finding a platform, which was both streamlined and robust to cater to all of our needs”

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