Offer training to every employee with a top healthcare LMS

Train your employees and medical staff with a top LMS for the healthcare industry. Trade expensive in-person seminars for online training, and rest easy knowing your teams continue to get all the information they need, without the extra costs.

Best LMS for the healthcare industry.

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Take your training online in minutes

Forget week-long seminars and expensive in-person training sessions. With an LMS made for healthcare organizations, you can offer online training to every member of your team. Create courses in TalentLMS, or upload your existing materials for a seamless transition. 

Empower staff to train anywhere, any time

No one knows the struggle of long hours and back-to-back shifts better than healthcare workers. Give your teams the freedom to complete training at their own pace, on their own time, and right from their own devices.

On-demand reports and certificates

Don’t let audits and yearly training requirements be a source of stress. In TalentLMS you can create and download detailed reports in minutes that prove your teams have all their bases covered.

Spend time on the work that matters

TalentLMS’s automations help healthcare administrators lighten their workload, and make more efficient, data-driven decisions. Assigning and removing courses, setting expiration dates, and deactivating users are just a few of the tasks that no longer need to be done manually.

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What success sounds like

We’re in the healthcare space, and we must conform with HIPAA, NIST, HITRUST, etc. The ability to ensure everyone is trained, all policies are acknowledged AND show records at a moment’s notice of who took what, signed what, and when is important.  [TalentLMS] makes us audit-proof.User review from G2|g2@2x


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