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Turning retail employees into product experts who provide a consistent customer experience doesn’t have to be out of your control. Discover how TalentLMS gets a “yes” from everyone and leads to training success.

Free retail staff from rigid training schedules

Offering training that needs to be scheduled in advance and suit everyone’s shift is a nightmare. Help staff get back to the shop floor faster with organized web-based courses available online and on-demand from desktop and mobile devices. Now training really can be done anywhere, any time. 

Keep up with changes

Onboarding seasonal or temporary workers or introducing hundreds of new product lines is just another day in the life of any retail store. With TalentLMS, creating new courses is quick, updating existing learning material is easy, and keeping training fresh and staff up to date is finally possible.

Manage the mess, automate the rest

Managing hundreds of employees and tons of courses gets messy. With TalentLMS, organizing everyone and everything is simple. Invite staff to self-register, sync accounts from other systems, and automate repeatable tasks, and just like that, learners get up and running all on their own.

Track progress like a hawk

Keeping up with progress and showing the results of training can feel like a full-time job. With TalentLMS, tracking training from every angle is easy. Real-time, scheduled, and custom reports, dynamic dashboards, training infographics, and exportable Excel sheets all help illustrate the value training brings to your organization.

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What success sounds like

Our efforts with TalentLMS have paid off and we couldn’t be happier about that. Average handling time has decreased from 4.6 minutes to 3.2 minutes. This is a drastic and positive change which we directly credit TalentLMS for.SABIRAH SONIA|zalora@2x


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